April 17, 2024

Getting custom Icons for your web design or website is very easy with the help of top Icon designers in web. Icons bring more attraction for business or website which is the reason why they have tremendous popularity in web development. Most of the professional web designers in web are using pre-developed Icons developed by expert Icon designers for their web development.

As pre-designed Icons come in various shapes and sizes it is easy for web designers to pick these top Icons from top Icon providers such as Icons-Land. Icons-Land is place where you can get some of the latest and top Vector Icons for your website design.

About Icons-Land Website

Icons-Land is one of the leading Icon providers in web. If you are in search of icon designers or unique designed icons related to stock, vector or emoticons   then, Icons-Land is the best recommended place to search for your Icons.

In Icons-Land, you can get various Stock icons, vector icons and emoticons and also you can get services for custom logo design which will be designed as per your instructions. They provide designs for Icons, Animation Design, Skin Design, Software Box Design, CD/DVD Cover Design, Logo Design and also 3D Design.

Icon Sets available in Icons Land

Given below are some of the top Icons sets that are available in Icons Land.

Hardware Icons and Electronic Device Icon Set

They provide one of the latest version (ver 2.0) Icons set for electronics good which covers most of the electronic goods that you used in your web design and development. You can get these icons in various sizes. They provide icons in 7 different sizes : 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256.

They also provide you an option of .png or .ico based on your request.

Electronic and Hardware Icon set comes with count of 375 covering all the major electronic goods.

Vista Style Flags Icon Set

Another popular Vista style Flag set that provides set of flags from different countries, dependent territories and also special areas of interest. Each flag has variation of 3 types and available in different sizes.

Another top Icon set for Web designing which can be used anywhere. All the Icons are divided into various categories which can be easily browsed in their website in the left hand side bar.

It is also very easy to order for a customized Icon design which can decrease your efforts of designing Icons from scratch. Overall you can get some of the top Vector and Stock Icons from Icons-Land. They provide these Icons sets at some of the competitive prices in the industry.

Start using Icon Sets from Icons-Land and use for your web design and development.

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