Storm of Dreams - Mike Olbinski

In this post, we showcase 38 mind-blowing storm pictures you might have never seen before by storm chaser, Mike Olbinski.

Mike, an Emmy Award winner, is an extremely talented storm chasing photographer. He lives in Phoenix Arizona. Since a very young age, he is been obsessed with extreme weather.

Mike is a professional photographer. He chased storms throughout his native Arizona, as well as even further afield, including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado.

Storms can be most dangerous. It’s not easy to dive into bad weather rather run away from it. This photographer has captured incredibly amazing storm photos to date. He is also one of the many favorite storms chasing photographers among the photographers’ community.

Mike has documented powerful lightning strikes, haboobs, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and mind-blowing cloud formations. His time-lapses are worth appraising. You can watch his videos on his Vimeo channel. You can also visit his website to see more of this work.

Now, let’s jump to the inspiring storm images. If you like these pictures, don’t forget to share them with your friends.

Storm Pictures by Mike Olbinski

#1 Storm of Dreams – Mike Olbinksi

Storm of Dreams - Mike Olbinski

#2 Storm of the Apocalypse

Storm of the Apocalypse

#3 Rapid City Supercell – Thunderstorm

Rapid City Supercell - Thunderstorm Images

#4 Green Monster – Storm Photo

Green Monster - Storm Picture

#5 Another World by Mike – Thunderstorm

Another World by Mike

#6 Roots


#7 Cinnamon Bun

Cinnamon Bun

#8 Waves – Storm Pictures by Mike

Waves - Storm Pictures by Mike

#9 Farewell – Extreme Weather (Thunderstorm)

Farewell - Extreme Weather

#10 Spinner – Storm Chasing

Spinner - Storm Chasing

#11 Tulia Supercell

Tulia Supercell

#12 Waddell – Thunder Storm

Waddell - Storm

#13 Monster Imperial – Cloud Formation

Monster Imperial - Cloud Formation

#14 Fingers – Storm Photo

Fingers - Storm Photo

#15 Lightning Strike in the Middle of the Road

Lightning Strike in the Middle of the Road

#16 The Dancers – Lightning Bolts

The Dancers - Lightning Bolts

#17 Extreme Weather in the Hills

Extreme Weather in the Hills

#18 Near Brownsfield – Lightning

Near Brownsfield - Lightning

#19 Denver City

Denver City

#20 Imperial Tornado

Imperial Tornado

#21 Eruption


#22 Seminole


#23 Rapid City – Extreme Weather

Rapid City - Extreme Weather

#24 Lightning over Eloy

Lightning over Eloy

#25 Aurora Lightning

Aurora Lightning

#26 Lightning over Casa Grande

Lightning over Casa Grande

#27 Lightstorm


#28 Barrage – Lightning Strikes

Barrage - Lightning Strikes

#29 Rapid City Supercell

Rapid City Supercell

#30 Milburn


#31 Colorado Orange

Colorado Orange

#32 Haboob


#33 A Haboob Rolls through Phoenix

A Haboob Rolls through Phoenix

#34 Phoenix Haboob by Mike Olbinski

Phoenix Haboob by Mike Olbinski

#35 The Approach

The Approach

#36 Ahead of the Haboob

Ahead of the Haboob

#37 Aglow


#38 Eruption


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