April 12, 2024

What, according to you, is great web design? Is it your experience, responsiveness, shading, rounded corners, colors, typography, or certain type of web page layout? Great design, in a sense, is not all of the fancy elements you implement into your design, it is whether you have achieved what you and your client desires.

Laying out your goals and outcome before you begin is an essential part of the process. Understanding the companies’ needs will ensure that you create the design “correctly” and by the end perhaps the outcome will be greater than either of you imagined. However, there may be a time where you feel your design is not how you desired it to be, but your client is ecstatic. Or it could be reversed – your client feels it is not what they expected but you have worked harder than you ever have before. The point to be made is there is no such thing as good or bad design, it depends on the outcome. Here are some examples to prove my point.

Image Source: Sky – Web Layout

An application on Facebook is created in high hopes to achieve visitors for a non profit organization. A large corporation has agreed to donate five dollars for every new submitted entry on the app. The non profit organization does not have a large budget for a fancy app and once it is completed, according to them; the app’s design is poor. However – they are astounded at the entries they receive. They begin to realize that it may not be all about the design, but it is about the heart of their organization. That is what truly matters.

Image Source: FTV

A fashion company has a new web page designed to help integrate shopping and community combined. However, they see so many design improvements that need to be made and they don’t know where to begin. The coupon section is not how they desired it to be, but all of a sudden their traffic increases and soon they have a Google ranking of nine! Apparently their design is quite adequate because the result is far greater than the unrealistic design expectations.

In conclusion, great design can be achieved by attaining the goals you have set. Sometimes the results may surprise you, and sometimes you’ll need to make what you thought was a great design even greater. If your web design, according to you is poor, try thinking outside the box, editing, and starting fresh. You’ll never know what your client will think of your design or what the results of the web page will be once it is launched. Suddenly your “good” design has become great.

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