I love iPhone wallpapers. You will find this post interesting if you got an iPhone and looking for new wallpapers to decorate its Retina Display. This roundup consists of Minimal Wallpapers which will make your iPhone’s background sleek. These wallpapers work very well behind ‘Lock Screen‘.

If you got any iPhone wallpapers to share, kindly drop the link in the comments section below. I would love to make another post featuring more iPhone wallpaper collection.

iPhone Wallpapers

Year of the Hobbes | iPhone W

Year of the hobbes - iPhone 4 Wallpaper

Gnoe | Download Wallpaper

Gnoe iPhone 4 Wallpaper

Your Own iPhone Wallpaper

Yourowniphone Wallpaper

Rhino Wallpaper

Rhino iPhone 4 Wallpaper

His and Hers

His and hers iPhone 4 Wallpaper

Love Wallpaper

Love iPhone 4 Wallpaper

Kill Android Wallpaper

Kill Android iPhone 4 Wallpaper

Pet Shop Boys Wallpaper

Pet Shop Boys iPhone 4 Wallpaper

Apple Grey Wallpaper

Apple Grey iPhone 4 Wallpaper

Love Me Wallpaper

Love me iPhone 4 Wallpaper

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