April 25, 2024

Color plays an important role in website design and add life to any design. Color is a powerful form of communication. Color can change actions and reactions and web designers choose it very carefully. Yellow color is best to get attention of people.

Yellow is a color associated with joy, happiness and boundless energy. The right shade of yellow can produce a sensation of sunlight and warmth. You must have seen yellow designs very rare as it tends to be much harsher on the eyes but there are web designers who used the yellow very cleverly.

Below we have collected 20 Yellow Web Designs for your inspiration. In some websites, you will notice that it is used only to highlight the most important parts of the design. Continue watching this space, as we will be featuring more colors in web designs in upcoming months.

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Bzzy App

Creative Spark

Design Royale

Style and Conscience


Tim Heckhausen

They Creative

Ignition EM

The Bee Hive Market

Erik Below Sea Level

Joomla Mini


La Pizza

Gareth Dickey

Other Design Agency


Espira Technologias



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