This post is a collection of beautiful pictures of seascape from the south coast of NSW, Australia. Understanding nature light is a must for amazing seascape photography.

Kieran O’Connor captured perfect shots of beautiful seascapes. Originally he started painting landscapes with acrylics and watercolours. Needing reference material for his work, he bought a little point and shoot and it all evolved from there. His love of photography took off and eventually overshadowed his desire to keep painting. He found more joy through the lens than he did through the paintbrush.

Kieran focus on beautiful pictures of Landscapes and Seascapes. Particularly seascapes. He has always been blessed enough to live near the coast and the oceans ever changing wild beauty continues to draw him back time and time again.

What do Kieran love about photography?

The magic. To stop time in that one moment and keep it forever. It is more than a hobby for him, it is life. It is his creative voice. The freedom to show others the world, as he see it, through his lens.

Standing on an empty beach as the sun rises to meet you with a new day and taking those moments home with him, is the ultimate fulfillment. He live on the south coast of NSW, Australia with my wife and 3 children.

South Coast of Australia

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