Chini project is a collection of Chinese crested dog photographs by Irina Werning. Chini is Irina’s friend’s dog. She came into his life in London, 2008 when his friends asked him to look after their house and three dogs for a month while on holidays. He had never lived with dogs, he hardly even noticed their presence until one day he took Chini into a friend’s studio. He took some pictures of her and the following day, CHINI PROJECT began.

For a year, he photographed her inside the little sets he would build for her where she was free to act our little human ways. You might have seen many animals pictures but her photographic journey takes us into the very heart of the human comedy.

Chini Beach

Chini Addict

Chini Astronaut

Chini Bathroom

Chini Builder

Chini Camping

Chini Casino

Chini Chef

Chini Concert

Chini DJ

Chini Irish

Chini Knight

Chini Maid

Chi ni Miss Universe

Chini Moto

Chini Office

Chini Patriot

Chini Photographer

Chini Pilot

Chini Pool

Chini Posh

Chini Potter

Chi ni Queen Guard

Chini Rock Star

Chini Skate

Chini Surgery

Chini Tailor

Chini Tourist

Chini Widow

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