This is a collection of 30 fantastic images taken of foxes. I think foxes are such interesting animals. These images are primarily red foxes. This animal photography shows the fox as a predator, a wanderer, and sometimes a sleeper. It’s always interesting to see a fox run across a field or watching how they interact with each other in the wild. Regardless of what they are doing these photographers were able to get some great shots.

01 The Meal

02 Closer

03 FireFox

04 Red Fox

05 Fox Kids

06 Cold Faces, Warm Eyes

07 Fox in the Field

08 My Last Little Fox

09 Little Fox

10 Smokey Eyes

11 Foxy Supermodel

12 Small Fox

13 Red Fox Nap

14 What Lies Behind

15 Red Fox

16 New Hampshire Red Fox

17 Like a Dream

18 Fox

19 Close Encounter

20 Foxy Lady

21 Fox in a White World

22 Arctic Fox

23 Vulpes

24 Volpe

25 Untitled

26 Red Fox

27 Under the Rain…

28 Jump… Jump…

29 Winter Red Fox

30 Mouse-Trap

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