April 17, 2024

When it comes to wedding photography, one does not need to be a pro- photographer or have the most advanced camera in order to take great photos. As a matter of fact, most digital cameras have the capability of producing quality pictures-regardless of brand or price. This essentially means that taking great or stunning photos largely depends on the ability of the person taking them. For instance, the first step in taking great photos is to deeply care or love whatever object (subject) you are photographing.

If you enjoy taking wedding photos or you are an upcoming photographer then here are several tips that you can use to improve your photo taking skills.

wedding photography tips


Use flash when taking photos in an outdoor setting

When taking outdoor photos it’s vital that you set up the flash functionality largely because the sun’s brightness normally creates shadows especially around peoples’ faces. You can eliminate all instances of shadows in your photo by activating the flash function in your camera.

Understand how your camera works

Cameras differ in terms of focus depth or flash range- it all depends on the brand and its features. The best way to understand how your camera works and the quality of photos it produces is to take some shots in multiple ways. For example you can try taking photos with a flash and sometimes without a flash to note the difference in terms of image quality. You will only start taking stunning or awesome snaps once you know the strengths and limitations of your camera.

Take photos when you are a bit closer

The most captivating photos are the ones that an individual is able to capture subtle details of an object or subject. For instance, when photographing people it’s important to capture their mood or their facial expressions, something that cannot be achieved if you took the photo from far away. Additionally lighting is more utilized when taking close-up photos. However, moving too close can result in one taking blurry pictures and as such one should avoid moving too close.


Another important thing to remember if you want to take stunning photos is to photograph your object slightly right or left from the centre of your view finder. Taking photos that are centrally located on your view finder will likely produce boring or less stunning pictures. For instance you can produce stunning photos by framing your photos to the left if the photographed object faces right and vice versa.

Take vertical pictures

You can learn how to take vertical shots with minimal practice. Vertical shots come in handy, when taking photos of objects that have much bigger heights than their widths. Vertical shots can easily be taken by turning your camera to 90 degrees thereby maximizing the area of the object on your particular camera view finder.

Lastly, Photography is an art that can be bettered by taking as many shots as you can. The more you take photos, the more your photo taking skills improve so long as you implement some of the tips mentioned above. You can transfer the pictures on your computer and delete the less stunning photos. Use computer software to further edit and sharpen your photos for better results.

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