First of all, what is a stock video? Well, it is a footage which captures a place, an action or an idea in its generic form. In a fewer words, do you remember that pretty girl with her hair in the wind which appears and almost any shampoo commercial? That particular set of frames can be a stock video.  The highest demand of such clips include cities, landmarks, wildlife and people.

You can see stock videos anywhere starting with TV news and ending with famous movies such as Star Trek, where they kept a large collection of scenes such as explosions which would appear on a regular basis throughout the series.

If the big players are using stock videos, why not you also? Here are the most important reasons why you should do it:

1. Cost

Think about it for a second: if you use a stock video you don’t need a production crew, a scene and actors. Let’s say you want a short clip with the Eiffel Tower, and you live in USA. What do you choose: spend a lot of money for traveling there, hiring the crew, getting all the necessary approvals and wait for a clear day or search for a similar clip on the internet?

2. Deadlines

What if you need to get the movie in just a day or two? Don’t forget that filming and post processing requires a lot of time, so if you get caught in a tight schedule, then this will be a big problem. Again, if you choose to use a stock video, all the hard work is already made.

3. Creativity and imagination

Making a movie by yourself requires a lot of planning and  an intense field research. Choosing stock resources means that you only need to use the search box and you are done. You just let others work for you.

4. Quality

The most important advantage of using stock videos is that you see the final product before buying it, so you won’t have any bad surprises. You can see the shots immediately with your own eyes and pay only for what you like. If you hire a crew to do the shoot, not only that you will pay a lot more but there is also a risk that you won’t like it.

Having these benefits in mind, I’m sure that you agree on a simple fact: stock video is an ideal solution for any project. So, where can we find these movie clips? One of the best website for purchasing them is Depositphotos. Thanks to its huge database, you can virtually find anything you need and some very affordable prices. The process is extremely easy and everything from signing up and all the way to payment is clear and intuitive.

Here is a screenshot of their marketplace:


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You can narrow down your search very fast in order to find exactly what you need. When you decide upon a clip, you will see all the important details such as resolution, frame rates, length, aspect ratio price, preview and copyright.  Also, if you are undecided you can see similar results on the page.


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As a conclusion, using stock videos will help you not only save time and money but also by making your job a lot more easier.

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