Without sun, you can’t expect a life on earth. The sun is one of the most interesting mysteries of the universe and its beauty is not comparable. There are always some great photography opportunities, some cool weather or great time to shoot and sunsets are among those beautiful moments. In Sun photography, you can create awesome and stunning effects of sunset starting from shadows to orange clouds.

In this post we bring you beauty of Sun Photography with 30+ amazing sunset pictures. Hope these pictures will not only inspire you but will also give you some interesting ideas for your next shots.

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Sunset Photos

Arabian Night

Sunset @ Lake Macquarie

In the Sunet

Sunset @ Lake Macquarie

Sunset Ocean View-Inspiring

Sunset in Blue Mountains


Silent Evening

Sunset : Horse Latitudes

Plane and Sunset

Evening Walk


Evening Ride

The Burning Bush

Memorable Evening

Good Evening

Champlain Sunset



A Storybook Evening

Good Fishing


Sunset from a Beach

Evening Fire

Amazing Rays of Sunset

Sunset Silhouette

A Weston Evening

Evening Sun

Sunset over Sea


Quite before Zelia

Waiting for the Night

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