April 19, 2024

Are you looking for a company or an expert who can design a logo? Well, we all know that a logo represents an organization’s identity. If you want to push your organization or business to the next level, you would definitely need a logo for identification and promotion purposes.

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So how much would it cost to get a logo made?

There are three important criteria for determining a standard type logo’s cost

  1. Experience of the logo designer
  2. Size and budget of the organization using  the logo, and
  3. Scope and reach of the company’s market.

If you are on a tight budget, you can check out the Internet for cheap logo designs. There are hundreds available online ranging from $49 to $150. There’s definitely a wide range of prices for logo design on the Internet. However, just be extra careful with your transactions. Some designers may only be using clip art. A logo design should include a royalty. A free piece of clipart cannot be legally copyrighted because the same design could actually be used by another company or organization somewhere else. So before you transact business, be sure to evaluate the designer’s portfolio. Try to assess the designs he makes. Do they look similar at $49 each? Some logo designers charge one flat fee for a logo. Some would charge additional costs for extra colors, modifications, and preliminary designs. You have to know these details before paying for them.

A logo design is really very valuable to a company or organization. A logo, afterall, is used for several years. It is usually included on business cards, letterheads, envelopes, websites, products, and offices. A logo gas more value compared to the time spent for creating it.

As such, professional graphic design rates vary from $30-$75 per hour. So if you see a logo design costing $150 and the designer charges $50 per hour for his design, take note that the extra time spent is used for research about your company and competitors, preliminary ideas, changes, and the finalization of the logo, sending the logo, and the billing allowing you to have all rights to the said design.

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The price of a logo reflects added value. So just be extra careful in dealing with designers who charge less than $200 because you might only regret what you’ve paid for.

There is actually a standard reference for pricing graphic design and corporate identity projects. The Graphic Arts Guild published a book on Pricing and Ethical Guidelines. Any individual or small company should prepare around $300- $1500 for a good quality, professional logo design. That would already be a fair price.

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