April 17, 2024

A Pictogram is a graphical element that conveys its meaning through its pictorial resemblance to a physical object or concept. Victor Hertz has created some awesome minimalist movie posters using pictograms. He has recreated these posters for iconic Tron movie and others such Psycho and Spiderman.

This is an ongoing project, that victor just got started. So, count on lots of additional work in this project, in the future. What Victor do, is that he make a quite simple movie poster, including one or a few pictograms, displaying the theme of the film. Either original pictograms combined, or modified ones, to fit with the movie. As the title poster says, he try to bring a twist to it, and not get too simple.

Victor sometimes feel that all these minimalist movie posters get a bit boring, a bit too simple, with just an object from the movie and the title underneath it.

You are welcome to share any other pictogram posters or movie posters that our readers may like. We would also love to know in the comments below what’s your favorite movie posters. If you liked the post, don’t forget to visit the artist page here and appreciate his work.

Psycho Pictogram Movie Poster

A first in a series of pictogram movie posters

'Psycho' pictogram movie poster

Waterworld Pictogram Movie Poster

Maybe not of Victor’s favorites, but couldn’t come up with anything else to use this idea for.

'Waterworld' pictogram movie poster

Devil Pictogram Movie Poster

He hasn’t actually seen the film, but knew the synopsis well enough to execute this one

'Devil' pictogram movie poster

Rosemary’s Baby Pictogram Movie Poster

Rosemary's Baby pictogram movie poster

Spider-Man Pictogram Movie Poster

Spider-Man pictogram movie poster

Fahrenheit 451 Pictogram Movie Poster

Fahrenheit 451 pictogram movie poster

Tron Pictogram Movie Poster

Tron movie inspired!

Tron pictogram movie poster

Up in the Air Pictogram Movie Poster

Up in the air, pictogram movie poster

Sunshine Pictogram Movie Poster

Sunshine pictogram movie poster

Pictogram Movie Posters Poster

Profile picture for ‘Pictogram Movie Posters‘ project.

Pictogram movie posters poster

There will be Blook, Pictogram Movie Poster

‘I drink your milkshake’.

I tried to remake the pictogram for ‘oil’ to a milkshake glass. Did it work?

'There will be blood pictogram' movie poster

Point Break Pictogram Movie Poster

'Point Break' pictogram movie poster

‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ Pictogram Movie Poster

Medication time.

'One flew over the cuckoo's nest' pictogram movie poster

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