April 11, 2024

Ever watched one of those teleshopping commercials where they show you a product that does so many things, in a very short period of time, with a minimum of effort and with practically a sum of money that can buy you chips and soda for a movie’s night?


Well, prepare yourself for an offer that you can’t refuse and that is 100% true! We give you Imcreator.com, the place where you can make your own website for free! It’s a super easy process that begins with you choosing a template, then a theme and from there you modify your website however you please. But wait, there is more! Remember how we said it’s free? Not only creating your website, but also hosting it is…you guessed…free!

So far, you’ve found out that there’s this cool place called Imcreator.com where people that work in the web design field or people that own a small shop or business and want people all over the world to know about them or really talented people who want to write and create a blog or show their drawings or their couture clothing line can create their own website however they want it, with the WordPress theme they love and post whatever crosses their minds, with no costs and no hosting expenses.

Here are 3 super easy steps that you need to follow in order to create a beautiful website:

Step 1

You choose one of the gorgeous templates. These can be found in 5 main categories: designers, artists, portfolios and photographer and more general one.


Step 2

You customize your website. This is extremely easy. Virtually anything can be replaced from template that you chose.


Step 3

Now that your website is ready you just need to publish it


Thus, it’s done! You’ve just created your own super cool website in just 20-30 minutes. Just to summarize: you have to choose a design, customize it and publish it! Creating your own website has never been easier or cheaper-if you can compare free to anything. It’s your turn now to visit Imcreator.com and start creating!

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