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Nate Owens has done illustration for publications and gallery art (oils, watercolors, acrylics, etc.) for years. His illustrations have appeared on everything from bus benches to ads, in magazines, tv spots and on gift products like coffee mugs, shirts, greeting cards and wall decor prints.

The humor work has been the most popular and most widely published, inspired by growing up on a farm around tale-spinning great uncles and a menagerie of interesting critters.

Nate Owens is Living in the southeastern US with his wife Carol, ten dogs and three cats in beautiful rural Aiken County, South Carolina. Many of his paintings were of a western nature. Leanin’ Tree Greetings based in Boulder Colorado began publishing his work in 1980, favoring the humorous subjects.

Currently he is focusing on nostalgic and country lifestyle subjects without the caricature rendering.

Paintings for Sale:

All these paintings/prints are available and you can buy them flat, framed or matted in various sizes.

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01- The Last Eagle

Lamenting a passing lifestyle and the passing of its icon of freedom, the eagle.

The Last Eagle, Humor Illustrations and Paintings

02- When the Sun Bleeds

Symbolic of advancing civilization, the prairie fire was a fierce advesary to plains dwellers Symbolic of advancing civilization.

When the Sun Bleeds, Humor Illustrations and Paintings

03- The Furrier

A tradesman of the wilderness living off the land and merging with the nature of his surroundings.

The Furrier, Humor Illustrations and Paintings

04- Knock First

Wisdom dictates caution. Smoke on the horizon meant a cautious approach on the frontier. Mountain man and horse.

Knock First, Humor Illustrations and Paintings

05- One Shepherd to Another

The shepherd in the desert wilderness has a word with his shepherd as his flock pastures in the background. His companion dog, water skin, staff and poncho make up his meager possessions. Yet he has all that he needs.

One Shepherd to Another, Humor Illustrations and Paintings

06- Bugged

Wildreness living at its finest. This whimsical painting of a mountain man and his bobcat hat being swarmed by pesky flies has been on Leanin’ Tree cards. Just the thing for your wilderness-loving friends and family.

Bugged, Humor Illustrations and Paintings

07- Duet

Perfect harmony – almost. Cowboy strums and sings and the dog is either joining in or complaining. The horse has a low opinion of their talent. This was a birthday card published by Leanin Tree.

Duet, Humor Illustrations and Paintings

08- Looking Up

My most popular card at Leanin’ Tree – This guy is in a tough spot, but he has a great view! The horse is perplexed and the buzzards are optimistic.

Looking Up, Humor Illustrations and Paintings

09- Jumping Jack

This fella’s ride is getting a little bumpy. Seems a little gray hare can be a problem sometime. A Leanin Tree card. Horse scared by a jackrabbit jumping.

Jumping Jack, Humor Illustrations and Paintings

10- Wrong Number

High technology – If the contraption worked right, he wouldn’t get a wrong number. Just a little technical adjustment will fix things. Sleeping cat gets a rude awakening.

Wrong Number, Humor Illustrations and Paintings

11- The Legend

Hero, villain or just a pain in the neck. This character is the talk of the town.

The Legend, Humor Illustrations and Paintings

12- Drag Racing

Maybe a seat belt would help?

Drag Racing, Humor Illustrations and Paintings

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