April 12, 2024

Wedding photography is the most well know term and a photographer that can’t do wedding photography is not considered even a photographer. Photographing weddings is really a challenging job and there are no second chance in this.

Wedding photography is all about saving couple’s special day moments in camera. Every person want to make their wedding memorable and want to capture every moment of it, so can show them to their kids and their kids of the kids. People share their wedding photographs with entire family and hence the photographs need to be pixel perfect.

We have collected some of the most creative and beautiful wedding photography examples from various different wedding ceremonies. The photographers have done a great job capturing the emotions of the bride and the groom in these photographs.

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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photo (Image Credit: Manuel Orero)

Wedding Photo

Sax Bride (Image Credit: Manuel Orero)

Sax Bride

Wedding Photography, Wedding Style (Image Credit: dmitri yakimov)

Wedding Photography - Wedding Style

Behind Blue Eyes (Image Credit: Sean Molin)

Behind Blue Eyes

Bride and Flower Girl (Image Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat)

Bride and Flower Girl

Gangster Wedding (Image Credit: Dmitry Laudin)

Wedding Flowers (Image Credit: smoothdude)

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Day (Image Credit: Amril Nuryan)

Wedding Day

Promises (Image Credit: Lazyousuf)


Country Wedding (Image Credit: Temara Brown)

Country Wedding

Spellbound (Image Credit: Lidia Camacho)


Wedding Picture (Image Credit: Benj Haisch)

Wedding Picture

Kara and Her Bridesmaids (Image Credit: Kris Kros)

Kara and Her Bridesmaids

Bridal Party (Image Credit: smoothdude)

Bridal Party

Bride and Groom (Image Credit: Peri Paleracio)

Bride and Groom

Melbourne Wedding Photography (Image Credit: Justin-Hill)

Melbourne Wedding Photography

Wedding Party Portraits on the Beach (Image Credit: Curtis Copeland)

Wedding Party Portraits on the Beach

Malay Wedding Reception (Image Credit: Abe Less)

Malay Wedding Reception

Bride (Image Credit: TA.D)


Seychelles LaDigue Wedding Photography (Image Credit: Mukhina Ekaterina)

Seychelles LaDigue Wedding Photography

Phieumedia Wedding Photography (Image Credit: Kachioska)

Wedding Jump (Image Credit: Manuel Orero)

Wedding Jump

Indian Bride – A Handy Craft (Image Credit: Praneeth Sukuru)

Indian Bride - A Handy Craft

Bride and Groom (Image Credit: Daniel Chang)

Bride and Groom

Wedding Reception (Image Credit: Ilias Zaxaroplastis)

Wedding Reception

Together (Image Credit: Manuel Orero)


Wedding (Image Credit: Jasmine Star Blog)


Kristen and Matt Wedding (Image Source: The Schultzes Blog)

Kristen and Matt Wedding

Wedding Photography (Image Credit: John Lee Photography)

Wedding Photography

A&N (Image Credit: alanahpaterson)


Pink (Image Credit: idoidoidoido)


Bubbles (Image Credit: Hey Wedding Lady)


Js Handmade Wedding Shoes (Image Credit: PinkFishGR)

Js Handmade Wedding Shoes

Reception (Image Credit: Bridal Musings)


Wedding Rings (Image Credit: Style Me Pretty)

Wedding Rings

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