You probably know this already, but for those that don’t I’ll explain, deviantART is an online community where all kinds of artists and graphic designers can show off and share their work. There are over 100 million submissions on the site, so more than enough to choose from when looking for a bit of inspiration or simply a way to while away ten minutes or so.

For this article, I’ve delved deep into the deviantART archives to bring you the creme de la creme of typography in print. Posters, flyers, business cards and even T-shirts have all been included. While some have been produced by professionals, others have been created by students and hobbyists. If you like them, why not leave comments for the designers?

1. Milkshake Typography (Luftherz)

A milkshake made up entirely of delicious adjectives, used to advertise a vegetarian café in Pittsburgh.

2. Another Flyer (PV87)

Perspective drawing and typography combine to great effect in this straightforward gig flyer, which has clearly been influenced by 20th century Soviet artwork.

3. BBQ Party (jonaska)

The juxtaposition of red and blue lettering gives the impression of a cool breeze on a scorching hot day – perfect weather for a BBQ Party!

4. Innovation (Viajelnfinito)

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. It’s a quote from Apple’s Steve Jobs. The words are interconnected, representing an electrical circuit.

5. 2008 Party (CHIN2OFF)

These three-dimensional characters twist and turn, but never lose their legibility.

6. AAP Inner Graphic 2 (terrifichorrific)

Both colourful and eye-catching, the geometric form of the letters here is really original.

7. Covo (viaAmsterdam)

In this flyer, the word “Covo” has been cut away from clusters of girly symbols making the most of the negative space revealed.

8. Britball Summer Edition Poster (fudgegraphics)

It’s the use of a variety of fonts – some handwritten, others not – which really brings this poster to life.

9. Lo Que Sea 5 (bilico)

Glossy and bright, this flyer harnesses the potential of white space, giving a thoroughly modern, almost futuristic appearance.

10. Evade Hasslehoff (psticks)

Not to be taken seriously, this poster is really low budget, but purposefully so. The orange letters were cut out and stuck on by hand.

11. Ordinaire (sounddecor)

The typography on this magazine cover has a real vintage feel. I particularly like the fade in the title lettering, which adds to the aged look.

12. Somos Latinos (sabriina)

Typography meets cartography in this poster for Latino Heritage Week.

13. mo2 Poster (sounddecor)

This one’s very clever. Each letter/number is a different colour. Where they overlap, the colours mix. Blue and yellow overlapped equals green, for example.

14. Hanging on the Telephone (Things-on-Fire)

Can you guess what was used to create the title font on this gig poster? That’s right… it’s “alphabetti spaghetti”, with a few additional effects applied.

15. Dans Amsterdam (Taeksidermi)

This is a flyer that really stands out, thanks not only to the combination of black and neon pink, but also the large, bubbly font used.

16. 36th Annual Student Art Show (caribbeankid)

A flyer created for the 2010 Student Art Show at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. The shadowing behind the letters makes the words leap out from the page.

17. Gig Poster (RobiStalder)

Looking at this poster, it’s not the kookaburra which stands out – beautiful though it is – it’s the words in yellow. I guess that’s the sign of a successful use of typography.

18. QS Rocks (brainboxz)

This is a poster for Quiksilver, an established surf company. The lettering’s pretty wild and all over the place, which matches the company’s young and liberal brand identity to a tee.

19. 4fiz (Night-Spawn)

It’s simple, it’s cool and it has a certain art deco quality. This flyer was produced using Photoshop CS4.

20. Identity 2010 (jlnglrchnv)

These business cards were printed onto recycled paper in silk-screen. Each one is unique; displaying images of x-rays, old photographs and even plain cardboard. The font used is called ‘Neutra’.

21. The Concrete Jungle (a-mar-illo)

Never printed on paper, this cool design was screen printed onto T-shirts instead.

22. Holding a Poster (GreatNemo)

Laying words on top of one another like this creates a slight blurred effect, which only adds to the confusion associated with “a poster of a guy holding a poster of a guy holding a poster…”

23. i-pop poster v1 (taylanezer)

The colours of the three-dimensional words and numbers in this poster are wonderfully vivid. So much so that they almost look alive.

24. Powerslide Gig Poster (Burningwords)

Grainy and sketchy, I really like how the multicoloured word “Powerslide” is printed here. And the spindly handwritten font below looks great alongside.

25. The Sudden Injury (Teagle)

The Sudden Injury is a terrific name for a band and the typography employed in this poster lives up to the name. It’s both “naive” and endearing.

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