One of the main reason why photographers have been so quick to adopt Google Plus is that you can display large images within your profile. While compiling this list, we went through some many professional photographers profiles and spent hours viewing viewing some of the work done by these skillful artists.

Below is a list of Top Photography Celebrities (with more than 50,000 followers), linking to their Google+ profiles and websites/blogs. There are hundreds of other photographers out there on Google+ that also deserve to be followed. This is the first attempt to start listing top photographers from Google Plus. You can create a circle of “Photographer” or “Photography” and start following them!

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G+ Photography Celebrities

1. Catherine Hall

Catherine Hall is a professional photographer. Catherine’s images reflect a consistency of vision that arises from her empathetic approach to photography as a whole and to her subjects as individuals.

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Image of Catherine Hall Website

2. Lisa Bettany

Lisa Bettany is photographer and App Developer. She’s co-founder & creative producer of Camera+, a passionate photographer & world traveler. A former Canadian competitive figure skater, with an inspiring “never say never” personality, Lisa has motivated millions to creatively capture the moments of their lives by taking great photos. Read more about her on her website.

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Image of Lisa Bettany Website

3. Thomas Hawk

Thomas Hawk is a professional photographer. Sometimes he like to think of himself as a photography factory. He see his photographs mostly as raw material for projects that might be worked on at some point later on in life. Read more about him on his website.

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4. Trey Ratcliff

Trey is known for HDR Photography, but you’ll see he also enjoy taking and processing all sorts of photos. He share his travel photography everyday on He help people to learn photography. You should visit his website if you want to learn how to make HDR photos.

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5. Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is an Editor of ProBlogger and Digital Photography School. Blogging was a medium that Darren Rowse stumbled upon by accident in 2002 as he was researching a new project – little did he know that just 18 months later he’d be one of the world’s first professional bloggers and making a living
from his blogs.

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