April 17, 2024

The Wild Life Photography is an amazing subject for photographers and it’s one of the most challenging forms of photography. As well as needing sound technical skills, such as being able to expose correctly, wildlife photography generally need good field craft skills.

In this post, we collected some amazing pictures of animals. Some animals are difficult to approach and thus a knowledge of the animals behavior is needed in order to be able to predict their actions. Photographing some species may require stalking skills or the use of a hide/blind for concealment.

Wildlife photographs can be taken using basic equipment, successful photography of some types of wildlife requires specialist equipment, such as macro lenses for insects, long focal length lenses for birds and underwater cameras for marine life. However, since the advent of digital cameras, greater adventure travel and automated cameras, a great wildlife photograph can also be the result of being in the right place at the right time.

Backyard Wild life

Wildlife photography


Fossil Rim Wildlife Center – Glen Rose, Texas

Cheetah – the Wild life Safari

Siberian Tiger 2

Wild life Rescue and Rehabilitation

Cotswold Wildlife Park: Crowned Pigeons

Wildlife – Green Anole watching for bugs

The Wild Life

Owl, Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Sarvey Wildlife Center

Kenya Wildlife 145

Lynx at Muskoka Wildlife Center

Giraffes at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

The Wild Life

Captive wolf muskoka wildlife centre

Kenya Wildlife

A day at the wildlife refuge

Determine Gaze by a Lynx

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