In this post we showcased stunning and inspirational digital art of games by Hee Won Lee. She was Born in 1978 in South Korea, lives and works in Paris. She’s a passionate Warcraft fan artist whose work speaks for itself. You can view Hee Won Lee’s full portfolio over at deviantART.

HeeWon Lee is a Multimedia Artist who developed an Artistic practice where video, graphics, sound and installation meets. Her research’s and her works are readily draw upon the resources of New Media and Technology. Somewhere between high tech and low tech her work inspired by our daily life operating slight movement which immerses us in a fragile world and dreamlike.

Undead Rouge

Undead Warlock

Troll Rogue

Forsaken Queen

My Gifts


Blizzard Forever


Orc Blade Master

Grom Hellscream and Thrall

Mortal Kombat Scorpion

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