Here’s goes another post with pictures of baby animals. This time you will see these baby animals with their mothers. Mother feelings are same in every part of the world so do in the wild life. They struggle hard and protect their babies from every danger in routine life.

The life of these baby animals are way harder than we think. Aside from this, lets have a quick look of those moments when mothers of these babies are playing, enjoying or spending time with them.

Following pictures of baby animals with mothers are collected from National Geographic website. You can also download most of the animal pictures as wallpaper. (Download link is given below each photo.)

Zambezi Elephants, Africa

A young elephant nuzzles its mother during a visit to the drought-depleted Zambezi riverbed.

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Cheetah Mom and Cub, Botswana

For a [female] cheetah the real danger is not losing a kill but losing her cubs. Ninety-five percent of cheetah cubs die before reaching independence. Hyenas kill them out of hunger, lions apparently out of bad habit. Female cheetahs deal with the threat by constantly moving, preferably before their rivals even know they’re around. They coexist as phantom species, slipping into temporary vacancies between prides of lions and packs of hyenas.

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King Penguin and Chick, South Georgia Island

South Georgia Island has king penguins, and, in this location, there is a colony of a quarter million of the wonderful, colorful animals. Here a mother king penguin guided her chick, which still sports its somewhat comical-looking baby feathers.

Tiger and Cub, Cincinnati Zoo

A young tiger cub gives his mother a hug. The cub is one of four male Malayan tigers born this year at the Cincinnati Zoo.

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Red-Necked Grebe and Chick

A newly hatched red-necked grebe relaxes, safe under mom’s wing. It’s been a long day and there’s still so much to see.

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Bay Polar Bears

A low, orange sun shines light on a polar bear and her cub.

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Mother Wolf, Wichita, Kansas

A Mexican gray wolf snuggles with two pups at the Sedgwick County Zoo. At one time, gray wolves were among the most widely distributed mammals on Earth. However, by the early 1900s, unchecked trapping, poisoning, and hunting of these highly intelligent predators drove the species to the brink of extinction.

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Lioness and Cub, Kenya

Taken on a recent trip to the Masai Mara in September of 2009.

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Baby Gelada, Ethiopia

Once they’re three months old, geladas ride their mothers jockey-style. Females have just four or five babies in a lifetime but invest a lot of time and energy taking care of them—it’s a ‘quality, not quantity’ strategy, says biologist Chadden Hunter, who has spent parts of the past six years with the animals in Ethiopia.

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Kangaroo and Joey, Australia

A kangaroo mum with her baby in the pouch. Taken at Hanging Rock, outside Melbourne, Australia.

Giraffe Mother and Calf, St. Louis Zoo

Solstice is the name of the new baby giraffe at the St. Louis Zoo. It was born in December, on winter solstice. I was hoping for a shot of baby and mom nuzzling. While I waited (for almost two hours), the zookeeper told me I might never get a shot of that.

Wild Dog Feast, Botswana

Back from a kill, Bell, the breeding female of her pack, is greeted by 11 pups, anxious to nurse and beg a meal of regurgitated meat. African wild dogs dote on their young; this eight-week-old brood was left in the care of a pack baby-sitter-an older brother or sister-while mother hunted.

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Loango Hippos, Gabon

A mother and her calf hippopotamus cool off in the “Land of the Surfing Hippos.” Loango National Park got that nickname from the resident hippopotamuses’ habit of swimming in the ocean and body-surfing to and from feeding grounds.

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Langur Monkey, India

In an image taken by a remotely operated 35-mm camera, a baby langur monkey clings to his mother’s chest in India’s Bandhavgarh National Park. Photographer Michael Nichols set up the cameras to capture tigers in action, but the active langur monkeys tripped the infrared beam thousands of times a day, using up so many rolls of film that he had to adjust the timer to operate during “tiger time”—late afternoon, when tigers prepared for their nightly hunt.

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Horses, England

“‘Uncheckt shadows of green brown and gray,’ poet John Clare wrote of the moors, land that ‘never felt the rage of blundering plough.’ On Exmoor, hedge banks faintly trace the far hill. Supporters hope they won’t vanish over the horizon of time.”

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Grizzly Bear and Cub

A mother grizzly bear greets her cub.

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Mother and Baby Koala, Australia

The mother and baby koalas decided to climb down from the tall eucalyptus trees to get a close-up look of the visitors to their home at the Koala Conservation Center in Phillip Island, Australia.

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Mother Seal and Pup, Galápagos

Mother and pup sharing what appears to be a “tender moment.”

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