April 25, 2024
Photo Manipulation Examples by Max Asabin

Max Asabin, is a Russia based artist or you can call him Photoshop master. We have seen there’s few applications in the market these days which can replace your sky or can add a bit drama to your existing photos. But playing with images in Photoshop on different layers is not an easy task. Max is a master in manipulating 2 or more photos into 1 and making them look very realistic supernatural.

Below you will find the Before / After images from his DeviantArt profile. Hope you will like these photo manipulations by Max Asabin. This guy is super talented and you should follow his work.


Sleepless by Max Asabin


DisneyLand by Max Asabin

I Am Only Human

I Am Only Human by Max Asabin

The July Calm

The July Calm by Max Asabin

Warm Coast

Warm Coast by Max Asabin

Mr Hyde

Mr Hyde by Max Asabin

Don’t Stop

Don't Stop by Max Asabin

Night Road

Night Road by Max Asabin

Smoky Wood

Smoky Wood by Max Asabin

Cold Sunset

Cold Sunset by Max Asabin

Photo credits: Max Asabin

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