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Tiago Hoisel is a very talented illustrator and a mad scientist reanimating cartoon characters into living beings, or perhaps he is capturing the souls of living beings and injecting them into cartoon molds. Either way, he is certainly mad!

Today we are showcasing magnificent character illustrations by this great Brazilian artist. Tiago’s updated portfolio is full of amazing illustrations. He always creates very funny cartoons & illustrations which are always in bright colors and realistic at the same time. It’s worth checking Tiago Hoisel website too.


He has done this illustration for Mundo Estranho magazine. This one was a bit easier to make because he has shot a reference of the hand with the glass, and also found great ones over the web.

Beach Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

Bad Wolf

An illustration that he made for a campaign that didn’t happen. Due to that angle, he tried to use the Sun & bounce light as a key light for the scene, and the Sun worked like a backlight. He had help from Lucas Leibholz especially to draw those Little Red Riding Hood.

Bad Wolf Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

Meeting with girlfriend’s family

This one was made for a Mundo Estranho magazine advertising campaign. It is a very complex scene, where he created a main center superior light, to make it tense and strengthen the illustration idea. However, because of having so many elements, he worked a soft area light to make the shadows less marked and leave the scene cleaner.

Dining Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

Davy Jones Character Illustration

This is a cartoon version of one of his favorites movie character, it’s a personal work that he made just for a study. He painted all with just one brush standard and in the end he applied some paper textures to make a little dirty. Throughout the process, he made some changes in the first draw, on the position of the legs, and on the hands to make enrich the idea. Thank’s to Pedro Conti (Peter Talk) for the tips.

Davy Jones Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

Wacky Science – Mad Scientist

This Illustration was made for a magazine cover called Mundo Estranho (weird world). In this kind of job, it’s limited by the layout impositions because it’s a magazine cover. It has to leave space for the stickers and report calls on the image and because of that, he focus the details in certain places that would be more exposed and left the places that would have text on it. For example the table and the test tube. He drew and painted in Photoshop CS3 with an Intuos 3 tablet.

Wacky Science Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

Baby-Friendly Character

This lovable baby is his Zbrush modeling course final work at Melies 3D Cinema and animation school. He started the model from a sphere and after that, he painted and made the render by the Zbrush itself. He used Photoshop for the composition of the background and for some final details of the painting, mostly in the eyes.

Baby Friendly Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

Dog Training School Illustrations

Illustration created for the ad agency CBGrey made for a dog training school. In this illustration, he used some photos, textures of grass, and asphalt and he made a matte painting on the mailman and bicycle.

Dog Training School Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

Barbecue Dog Training School Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

Axl Character

This illustration, among the other rooster below, was made for a campaign created by Leo Burnett Brazil. This project was pretty hard to finish mainly because of the pities, which were painted one by one. After having the concept approved, it took about 40 hours painting before it was finished.

Axl CharacterIllustration Tiago Hoisel

Pavarotti Character

One more illustration made for Leo Burnett Brazil. The big deal for this job was defining how much should the character be more rooster or human. In fact, the client wanted it to be an odd hybrid while preserving Pavarotti identifiable. Several studies were made before reaching this aspect. After that, he spent about 40 hours painting the feathers one by one.

Pavarotti CharacterIllustration, Tiago Hoisel


That’s the second Illustration made for Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (BETA). He had a lot of work with the details, especially with the magazines.

Bahtroom Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

Bedroom – Shaking the Dust

That’s the first of a series of illustrations for a campaign created by Leo Burnett in Lebanon for Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA).
He had a lot of work because each poster was a new illustration. To make things faster he used a few textures from pictures for the door, the floor, and the walls. He also used a paper texture for the posters too.

Shaking the Dust Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

Felipe Massa

Caricature was done for Playboy magazine.

Felipe Massa Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

AE Investments

Illustration made for a publicity campaign of Leo Burnett to divulge the AE Investments portal. Inspired on a Salvador Dali piece. Actually, the connection of Dali’s paint and this job is the shape and layout of the elements, not with the painting style. All done in Adobe Photoshop CS3 with exception of the rusted iron chain, that was made by a work matte, Mariano Steiner, in 3DS Max 9.

AE Investments Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

AE Investments 2

This is the second illustration of the campaign portal for AE Investments. This time on the chessboard.

AE Investments 2 Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

Generation Internet

Cartoon Character made for a humor contest. This painting has been made using practically only Photoshop’s brush tool. Once ready, he made a few adjustments for color and contrast.
The hardest part was to find a way to reach a realistic result for the hair. To reach it, he made a background color and drew almost one by one. He also used few-layer effects to make it easier when applying texture on the clothing. It took him about 30 hours.

Generation Internet CharacterIllustration, Tiago Hoisel

The Chief

This is a personal work. Sometimes he likes to paint, to humanize the caricatures, so the animals look like humans. To make this job he had many offices, chimpanzees, and gorillas references. In this work, he used two brushes, one for the main paint and others to paint the glow effect. Photoshop CS3 and Genius tablet.

The Chief Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

Hugh Jackman

In this work he used spiral lines to turn the caricature a little more childish, making a joke with the Wolverine look and his personality. He had hard work to finish the hair and skin texture. Took about 25 hours, from sketch to final paint. Again Photoshop CS3 and Genius tablet.

Hugh Jackman Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel


Personal work. This is one of those illustrations made without any specific purpose. He woke with an idea in his mind and painted it. Another one made in photoshop with just one brush sample.

Clown Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

On the Beach

Personal Work. Illustration inspired by one of his favorite beaches, the Porto da Barra in Salvador.

On the Beach Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel


Illustration made for the end restaurant’s Great Wilderness.

Friendship Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

The Flintstones

A version of another classic Hanna-Barbera, his favorite.

The Flintstones CharacterIllustration, Tiago Hoisel

Sumo Character Illustration

Sumo Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel


He made this caricature of Kaka for the Salon of Humor Paraguaçu Paulista last year, but it was not selected.

kaka Character Illustration, Tiago Hoisel

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