Eating, speaking, breathing, visual expression of emotion. These are the functions/uses of the human mouth. But the mouth is more than just a tool with a function. It is a free and abundant source of visual art, and this series of photographs is the beginning of Dimitra Williams call of attention to it. Dimitra is a professional photographer and her main focus has always been black and white fine art photography with subject matter focusing on human form.

The shapes and forms the lips take while speaking, the textures, abnormalities and interesting positions each component takes are missed unless frozen in time. By capturing these events and isolating them away from the faces that ground them and enlarging the mouths far past life size, the viewer is able to see how dynamic and visually captivating the mouth and lips can be. From beautiful features like spit bubbles and tongue textures, to gross things like plaque and dry skin, beauty, perplexities and appreciation can be achieved for the human mouth.

This exploration of the mouth in its natural state participating in the normal function of speaking is the first exploration of many to come. Dimitra Williams will continue to explore the mouth, its uses, and the role it plays secondary to its primary function. You can visit her Behance profile to see more of her photography work.

Human Mouth Photos

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