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Last month we learned about latest web design trends of 2013 on different blogs and flat designs is one of them. You may be wondering what this “Flat Design” is? Well, it’s not a rocket science which you can’t understand. It’s a design without or minimal use of gradients, drop shadows or any other element that shows depth to the user interface. This style went popular with the release of Windows 8, which is based on completely flat aesthetic.

Flat design is receiving both positive and negative responses and we are talking here about web designs only and not web apps or mobile apps. The best way to show you what flat design means is to provide you with few examples and here we bring you 43 inspiring examples of flat designs in web design for your inspiration.

We Hope you will the collection. Spend some time interacting with the interface and get inspired with flat websites. Don’t forget to share the trend with your friend’s.

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1. Float Design

Float Design

2. Shane Harris

Shane Harris

3. Windows 8

Windows 8

4. I Think Might

I Think Might

5. Marek Piatek

Marek Piatek

6. Kernel Interactive

Kernel Interactive

7. B-Reel


8. Data Driven London Meetup

Data Driven London Meetup

9. Erik Ford

Erik Ford

10. Two Create

Two Create

11. Negative Labs

Negative Labs

12. True Digital

True Digital

13. Square Space

Square Space

14. Phoke


15. William Leeks

William Leeks

16. Fior di Latte

Fior di Latte

17. Ghost Games

Ghost Games

18. Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill

19. The Next Web

The Next Web

20. Build Windows

Build Windows

21. Combadi


22. 2012 Year on Twitter

2012 Year on Twitter

23. ReadWrite


24. It’s a Shape Christmas

It's a Shape Christmas

25. Buffalo


26. Etch Apps

Etch Apps

27. SpellTower


28. Hundreds


29. Manos


30. Production Locations

Production Locations

31. Snowbird


32. ReSource


33. The Noun Project

The Noun Project

34. Invoisse


35. Layer Vault

Layer Vault

36. Lorenzo Verzini

Lorenzo Verzini

37. Inky


38. Hybrid Conference

Hybrid Conference

39. Fitbit


40. TV Safety

TV Safety

41. Pierrick Calvez Studio

Pierrick Calvez Studio

42. Welkome


43. Rock Werchter

Rock Werchter

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