April 10, 2024

Backgrounds are playing the most important role in any web design these days and its the most important element in the overall feel and design of a website. We see many examples where designers create and implement cool backgrounds in website design to impress clients and visitors.

Backgrounds could be categorized in different sections. We can have a website background as a pattern, texture, illustration or a just manipulated photo. These backgrounds are not just limited to page but can be implemented to small sections of the website also.

In this post we bring you the collection of 20 cool backgrounds in website design. The trend is changed and designers are using more over-sized photo or illustrated image as the website background. In the featured websites below you will notice there are many different approaches and possibilities that can be used to create an impact with a background image.

Large backgrounds attract and create really cool visual effect. If you are on high resolution monitor, you will definitely enjoy the large background website more. Enjoy!

1. Fox Jhonston

2. GuyVernes

3. MAS

4. La Porte Sainte Claire

5. Netlash bSeen

6. Keystone Logistics

7. Driving Futures

8. Tre Erre Ceramiche

9. James Richardson

10. Cenwood Kitchens

11. Owl Concepts

12. Armadillo

13. Isabelle Heureux

14. Yess BMX

15. Jivaldi

16. Two Fold

17. Blitz

18. Lula Designs

19. Ben Thomson Photography

20. Viventy Jewels

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