April 24, 2024

As you know hardcore competitive bodybuilders are few and far between. Bodybuilding is a form of physical exercise and body modification involving intensive muscle hypertrophy. The person who engages in this activity is referred to as a bodybuilder.

Bodybuilders usually carry out a routine set to music where they strike poses to best show off their muscles. In competitive and professional bodybuilding, bodybuilders display their physiques to a panel of judges, who assign points based on their appearance. In competitive bodybuilding, bodybuilders aspire to develop and maintain an aesthetically pleasing body and balanced physique.

Professional photography is as much an important part of professional bodybuilding as the actual competition. In this post we showcased few powerful bodybuilders pictures posing to photographer Max Ellis. He has spent the past 20 years as a professional illustrator and photographer, working with the top agencies and publishing houses throughout the world and heading up many internationally famous campaigns.

Max studied photography at college and has been working as a professional photographer for 15 years, moving between photo-illustration and pure photography, developing concepts and techniques to forge a unique style expressed as kinetography.

When photographing bodybuilders, the focus should be making detail stand out with contrast and perfect lighting. Unlike other types of portraiture, the focus in bodybuilding photography should be only the body.

The female bodybuilder in these photos is beautiful. It’s a common belief that all female bodybuilders are unattractive. It is probably because their bodies start to look more like men’s bodies from all that steroid-taking business.

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Bodybuilders Pictures

David Morris Bodybuilder


Freddie Bodybuilder

James Steele Body Builder

Leg Press

Liban Jamut


Lloyd Deadlift

Lloyd for Phys ed Book

Luke and Brad – Bodybuilders

Mario Bodybuilder

Power Lift

Pull Downs

Rob Steer Body Builder

Same Stone Body Builder

Tamara Maker Woman Bodybuilder

Toby Golding

Tamara Maker Woman Pro Bodybuilder


Wayne Yorston

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