April 17, 2024

This post is about awesome pictures of Giraffe, that beautiful animal with long neck. Giraffe is the tallest of all land-living animal species. It’s one of the most amazing and bizarre animals on the earth.

It is very difficult to shot beautiful pictures of giraffe. Mostly giraffes pictures are shot in portrait format because of their height. If you find multiple giraffe together, their shapes and necks could make some interesting pattern and this can lead to awesome giraffe pictures.

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1. Giraffes in the Mara

2, Giraffe

3. Giraffe From Sydney

4. Giraffes

5. Giraffe

6. Giraffe in Kenya

7. Giraffe

8. Stare

9. Giraffe at Waterhole, Namibia

10. Giraffe in Kenya

11. Giraffe in Denmark

12. Giraffes Near Nakuru Lake, Kenya

13. Giraffe

14. Curious Giraffe

15. Giraffe

16. Giraffe at the Zoo

17. Giraffe Staring at Photographer

18. Giraffe Backlit by Namibia Sunset

19. Giraffe

20. Giraffe from Prague Zoo

21. Giraffe Calf – Out of Reach

22. A Curious Thing

23. Giraffe Head Shots

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