April 25, 2024

Mascots are an ever-growing trend in web design and animal mascots are the most memorable object when it comes to branding purposes. Mascot is one of the best ways of imprinting a marketing message into minds.

Mascots make emotional response from the users, which in turn nurtures positive feelings. White creating mascot, keep in mind this artwork will be used throughout your entire branding campaign from website, newsletters and emails to product packaging. Today mascots are used everywhere. You will find them in number of websites, online applications and groups. For those creative people who are interested in finding more about using Animals as Website Mascots, here are 43 excellent examples for your reference. These attractive site designs evoke positive and emotional feelings. We hope you will like the collection.

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1. Roller Rally

2. Toy Drive

3. Adopt a Yeti

4. Sandviks

5. Firebug

6. Foxtie

7. Designzillas

8. Bear CSS

9. Dodgeball Tournament of Champions

10. eFrog Themes

11. Cascadia Games

12. Cheeky Monkey Media

13. PSD Gator

14. Silverback App

15. Mozilla

16. Smashing Magazine

17. Word Refuge

18. Third Culture Studios

19. Web Munky

20. Huge

21. Nybble Tech

22. Old Loft

23. Kinetic Shadows

24. Hoot Suite

25. Noupe

26. WWF

27. Le Singe Fume

28. Inspire Monkey

29. Find Icons

30. CurdBee

31. Branded07

32. The Deep End

33. Chimp Feedr

34. BlueBeetle

35. CatsWhoCode

36. Dead Cow

37. Web Monkey

38. Atelier Moba

39. Pony Mini

40. Favolla

41. Cafundo Estudio

42. Logo Moose

43. Cheese Please

If you know some other animal mascot websites you would like to share with us, kindly do it in the comments below and don’t forget to share the list with your friends.

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