This post is a collection of beautiful and amazing pictures of Moscow. The capital of Russia, Moscow is the “Heart of the Arts” with the annual Jazz Festival, live music on the town, the Rendezvous in the Park, and summer theatre. Moscow is located in northern Idaho, nestled between Moscow mountain and the beautiful undulating hills of the Palouse.

Andrey is a photographer and artist from Russia and he took some really amazing pictures of Moscow. It has always been a popular destination for tourists. Some of the better known attractions include the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, Moscow Kremlin and Red Square, which was built between the 14th and 17th centuries. The Church of the Ascension at Kolomenskoye, which dates from 1532, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and another popular attraction. The average annual temperature in Moscow is 5.8 °C (42.4 °F) (1981–2010).

Wooden Building

Moscow Night Story

Moscow Fishing

Moscow Duke Yuri

Heart of Russia

Moscow – Nikon Forever

Moscow State University

Malyi Kamenny Bridge Moscow

Moscow New Arbat

Moscow River near Cathedral

Hotel Ukraina in Moscow

Great Ascension Church

Moscow Russia

Heavenly Chariot


Pictures Source: Inobras

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