April 19, 2024

As time passes and interests and focuses change, photographers often alternate between periods of great verve and inspiration and bouts of artist’s block and a sure-hit source of inspiration is needed every now and then! Whether you’re best pushed forward by simple observation, intensive workshops, one-on-one time with fellow photographers or full immersion into a photographic wonderland, the many photography festivals and shows held around the world each year have something important to offer to you and your art!

If you need a boost where your photographic craft is concerned, here are five photography festivals and events to get inspired this summer:

1. PhotoIreland 2012

PhotoIreland 2012

Coming into its third year, the 2012 edition of the PhotoIreland festival, set to run throughout the month of July in Dublin, Ireland, promises to showcase some of the finest works of art from artists both local and international. With an added focus on the social effects of photography and image culture in Ireland in particular, PhotoIreland presents photographers and photo enthusiasts with a familiar but unique platform to explore the nuances of the artform in intimate detail.

When & Where: Enjoy the unique artistic atmosphere in Dublin, Ireland throughout the month of July while attending PhotoIreland 2012!

2. Fotopub 2012

The beautiful city of Maribor, Slovenia, 2012’s European Cultural Capital, will open its doors to welcome photographers to the Fotopub festival from July 23 to August 17, 2012, presenting all attendees with an inside look at European photography, both in style and subject. The ongoing cultural and financial changes taking place in Europe right now are inspiring some of the most compelling photographic pieces seen, leading this year’s Fotopub to center around local photographers and their unique take on what is dubbed by the festival’s organizers as nothing less than a continent-wide crisis.

When & Where: Maribor, Slovenia will provide the backdrop to Fotopub 2012 from July 23 to August 17, 2012.

3. Paris Photo 2012

No city better emanates art and cultural significance than Paris, France and the Paris Photo 2012 festival, set for November 2012, uses that simple fact as a jumping off point for one of the most full-featured photography events in the world. More than 50,000 visitors are expected to take in more than 135 galleries of work from a wide variety of photographers, offering both insight into the art and raw inspiration to everyone in attendance with its rich and vital offering of historical and modern photos.

When & Where: The city of love and art that is Paris, France needs no introduction; a visit there throughout November 2012 will allow you to take in Paris Photo 2012.

4. Filter Photo Festival Chicago

Dedicated to showcasing the work of artists from Chicago and around the world, the Filter Photo Festival is an event that brings photographers together in order to educate and inspire, showcasing beautiful pieces and offering workshops and lectures aimed at helping all attendees to perfect their craft. Extracurricular activities such as tours of local museums and a variety of third party events taking place in the city’s downtown Loop will offset a full week of photographic excellence, making this one festival in particular not to be missed by the serious artistic mind!

When & Where: America’s Windy City of Chicago, Illinois serves as host of the Filter Photo Festival from October 15-21, 2012.

5. Margate Photo Fest

August 10-12, 2012 will see the city of Kent in the United Kingdom become the host of a socially-engaged showing of photography from around the world. In a unique twist meant to ensure that social concepts and photographer talent play the greatest role in each gallery, the event’s curators are given a very limited budget to work with, excluding big-name artists in favor of showcasing the views and perspectives of photographers of all backgrounds and levels of experience. From the ongoing monetary issues being faced by the countries of the European continent to the polarizing immigration issues being dealt with by the same, the Margate Photo Fest promises to bring artists together to give their unique take on what it means to be a modern European.

When & Where: The quaint city of Kent in England will be the setting for the Margate Photo Fest from August 10-12, 2012.

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