April 17, 2024

Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade its viewers to take some action and the most difficult thing to achieve in print advertisement is to make sure user understand the message designer is trying to convey.

Advertisements play a very important role for the success of a product or company. Some designers go for the minimalistic style as minimalist print ads are always popular for their simplicity. Simple things are often more difficult to create as they require much more brain power.

In this post we bring you 30 brilliant minimalist print ads, where less is definitely more, for your inspiration. Designers have been very creative and imaginative in creating these ads. Don’t forget to share these awesome ads with your friends.

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1. Samsung: Power

Samsung: Power

2. XPC Sandisk: Man

XPC Sandisk: Man

3. National Environment Agency Singapore: Smoke it outside

National Environment Agency Singapore: Smoke it outside

4. Colsubsidio Book Exchange: Snow white and Sherlock Holmes

Colsubsidio Book Exchange: Snow white and Sherlock Holmes

5. Desowen: Feather

Desowen: Feather

6. Audi VAESA: Easy park

Audi VAESA: Easy park

7. Plant for the planet: Factory

Plant for the planet: Factory

8. Guardian: Music season

Guardian: Music season

9. Bausch & Lomb: Balloon

Bausch & Lomb: Balloon

10. Bratislava Zoo: Crocodile

Bratislava Zoo: Crocodile

11. Lego: Periscope

Lego: Periscope

12. Eqdom: Shoe

Eqdom: Shoe

13. Colgate Floss: Brain

Colgate Floss: Brain

14. McDonald’s: Wi-Fries

McDonald's: Wi-Fries

15. Tok&Stok: Matches, Chairs

Tok&Stok: Matches, Chairs

16. Jeternel beauty clinic: Mouth

Jeternel beauty clinic: Mouth

17. Ronda: Fish

Ronda: Fish

18. T-Diamond: Trick

T-Diamond: Trick

19. Smoke Films: Joint

Smoke Films: Joint

20. Mizuno Creation II: Cocoon

Mizuno Creation II: Cocoon

21. Brucciani: Wi-Fi

Brucciani: Wi-Fi

22. Sensodyne: Resistance, Hot

Sensodyne: Resistance, Hot

23. Omo: Splash, Orange Juice

Omo: Splash, Orange Juice

24. WWF Panda

WWF Panda

25. Swissaid Aid Organization: Corncob

Swissaid Aid Organization: Corncob

26. National University Hospital Blood Donation Centre: Lifeline

National University Hospital Blood Donation Centre: Lifeline

27. Smart Center Rio de Janeiro: Evolution always compacts, Triceratops

Smart Center Rio de Janeiro: Evolution always compacts, Triceratops

28. Amnesty International: Fight with signatures

Amnesty International: Fight with signatures

29. OndAzul NGO: Sardine

OndAzul NGO: Sardine

30. Facebook: Feelings

Facebook: Feelings

31. Portfolio Night: Pin

Portfolio Night: Pin

32. Volkswagen: Shift

Volkswagen: Shift

33. Audi VAESA: Wake up!

Audi VAESA: Wake up!

34. Revista Ecológica: Green

Revista Ecológica: Green

35. Corre Cutia Bookstore: Catchy Stories

Corre Cutia Bookstore: Catchy Stories

36. VW SpaceFox: Tariff Notebook

VW SpaceFox: Tariff Notebook

37. Honda Dorvalino Motos: Beep

Honda Dorvalino Motos: Beep

38. Nestle Kit Kat: Break

Nestle Kit Kat: Break

39. Scrabble: Baseball (Beisbol)

Scrabble: Baseball (Beisbol)

40. Google Android: iPhone alarmgate

Google Android: iPhone alarmgate

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