April 13, 2024
swan pictures

Swans, genus Cygnus, are birds of the family Anatidae, which also includes geese and ducks. Swans are grouped with the closely related geese in the subfamily Anserinae where they form the tribe Cygnini. The swans are the largest members of the waterfowl family Anatidae, and are among the largest flying birds.

The swans are generally found in temperate environments, rarely occurring in the tropics. A group of  swans is called a bevy or a  edge in flight. Swans feed in the water and on land. They are almost entirely herbivorous, although they may eat small amounts of aquatic animals.

Today in this post we bring you 20 pretty photos of Swan for inspiration. In the collection you will see awesome pictures of swan with great lighting, timing and angles. Each photo is linked back to the original source for you to have a look at larger version.

We always love to hear what you think of our photography collection. If you have swan pictures or know something about Swan photography, do it in the comments below. Now let’s have a look at photographs.

1. Swan


2. Mute Swan

Mute Swan

3. Swans


4. Swans at Sunset

Swans at Sunset

5. Swan


6. Portrait of a Swan

Portrait of a Swan

7. Together


8. Swans in Lake

Swans in Lake

9. White Swan

White Swan

10. The SWan

The SWan

11. Angel


12. Mute Swan – The Power of Love

Mute Swan - The Power of Love

13. I ask permission for grazing flight

I ask permission for grazing flight

14. A Mother’s Love

A Mother's Love

15. Seconds from disaster

Seconds from disaster

16. Swan


17. The fiery dawn

The fiery dawn

18. Swan Lake

Swan Lake

19. Trumpeter Swan

Trumpeter Swan

20. Swan


21. Lovers


22. Black Swan

Black Swan

23. Swans in the sky

Swans in the sky

24. Swan Lake

Swan Lake

25. Swan Dive

Swan Dive

26. A swan very angry

A swan very angry

27. Black Swan

Black Swan

28. Welcome


29. Swan


30. Whooper Swan

Whooper Swan

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