Hidden menus play great role in minimalist website designs. In this post we hand-picked 13 inspiring examples of hidden website navigation for your inspiration. The hidden menus make people curious to click and see what’s hidden under it. It has become a trend to use a navicon and place all your website links beneth.

Following examples will help designers to understand better where and when to use the navicon for hidden menus. This style give it a unique look which is much better viewed and experienced on mobiles and other handheld devices. Hope you will like these website designs. Enjoy!

Hidden Menus in Websites

Hooch Creative

hidden menus 1

Twin Collective

hidden menus 2


hidden menus 3


hidden menus 4

My United Way Voice

 hidden menus 5


hidden menus 6

Sam Dallyn

hidden menus 7


hidden menus 8


hidden menus 9


hidden menus 10


hidden menus 11

Ball Claw

hidden menus 12

La Ligne Rouge

hidden menus 13

Hope you enjoyed going through these amazing websites hidden menus. We would love to hear from you if you know some other cool examples of hidden navigations in web design.

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