Powerful Examples of Famous Movie Posters

We love going to the movies. As you stand ordering your popcorn in the foyer, you may have noticed that some of movie posters you’re seeing look more than a little familiar. Movie posters put together the love for two different visual arts: cinema and graphics.

Many movies marked history with their famous characters. Along with these characters have also been details that have made ​​them an icon in the minds of moviegoers. This series of posters is a tribute to one of the masks that have made history. The collection include posters from famous movies such as Batman, Gladiator, Ironman, Predator, Robocop.

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Batman Movie Poster

Batman - famous movie posters

Captain America Movie Poster

Captain America - famous movie posters

Friday the 13th Movie Poster

Friday the 13th- famous movie posters

Gladiator Movie Poster

Gladiator - famous movie posters

Ironman Movie Poster

Ironman - famous movie posters

Predator Movie Poster

Predator - famous movie posters

Robocop Movie Poster

Robocop - famous movie posters

SAW Movie Poster

SAW - famous movie posters

Scream Movie Poster

Scream - famous movie posters

Star Wars Movie Poster

Star Wars - famous movie posters

The Phantom of Opera Movie Poster

The Phantom of Opera - famous movie posters

The Silence of the Lambs Movie Poster

The Silence of the Lambs - famous movie posters

V for Vendetta Movie Poster

V for Vendetta - famous movie posters


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