How Photoshop Changed Photography and the World

There was a time when photographers relied on accurate lighting, flawless objects and the right moment to click the button. A photograph gone wrong was simply thrown away. Then there was digital photography that allowed photographers a little flexibility in terms or lighting adjustments and color tones. A photograph gone wrong with a digital camera could easily be erased with a click without wasting any film.

And then there was Photoshop. Photographers did not have to rush to the scene at the right moment to click the perfect image nor have models look flawless during photo shoots. Photoshop took care of everything. Whether you want to enhance colors or remove blemishes, Photoshop has revolutionized photography. Any mistakes in a photograph could be quickly erased without leaving a trace. Everyone is so reliant on Photoshop that many wonder how they got by without it.

History of Photoshop

The original program for the software was first created in 1989 by two brothers. John and Thomas Knoll developed Photoshop after realizing the massive potential it had in the market. As intelligent businessmen, they founded a company that is now known all over the world- Adobe.

Photoshop 1.0 was released exclusively for Macintosh users in 1990. Since then, Photoshop has seen much advancement. The latest version of this software, Adobe Photoshop CS5 contains 3D capabilities and is available in many languages all over the world. The best part about using Adobe Photoshop to create artworks or image manipulations is that it is very easy to use.

Humble Beginnings of Photo Editing

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The use for Photoshop first began with making simple color adjustments and enhancements to add clarity to an image. Photoshop was also used to restore digital formats of old images. The editing software them became a huge hit among fashion magazines that used simple tools to magically erase any skin blemishes off the models and celebrities. Lighting was no longer a problem to photographers as they could easily adjust the brightness and contrast of the photo through the various exposure options.

This form of editing also gave way to creating mystical imagery from everyday life photos. What looked like a regular street to you could now be changed into a heavenly path of illumination thanks to Photoshop. Photo editing also included adding soft color tones to brighten up or dull down an image. Skies now seemed bluer and celebrities dazzled in a flawless glow.

Changing the Rules of Advertising

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Print advertising changed with the addition of motion graphics. What started as a simple poster with crisp and unique typography soon transcended into new media. Films and television advertisements soon started using the magic of Photoshop to create improbable images and make them believable. Advertising firms did not rely on photographers to click the perfect image anymore. Instead of spending a majority of funds on traveling and photography equipment, many chose to hire designers who could create equally realistic imagery for a fraction of the cost.

Magazines, newspapers, posters, billboards and advertisements all used Photoshop to convey a message creatively that was not previously possible. Photo manipulation is considered to be the best way to create believable imagery without draining the budget. Photoshop helps create impossible images that can be humorous, clever and even shocking.

Making Fantastical Imagery a Reality

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Graphic design is now a vast field where Photoshop plays the central role. The only real limit to a design is the creativity of the designer. You can make Photoshop do anything for you and get the best results. Whether you want to look like a superhero or appear invisible in front of a mirror, Photoshop can help you achieve these impossibilities in a matter of minutes.

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