Winter Wonderland in Its Striking Forms of Cold

Winter. In its different forms can captivate with a scene of snow, ice and frost. The changes in weather from one season to the next often create something stunning and natural to behold. From the changing of the leaves to the falling of snow, winter creates beautiful scenes of various kinds. Landscapes, cities and frozen pieces of life create a perfect winter wonderland for photographers.

The Winterscapes

Photographs of winterscapes can almost be bewitching with the light shining on the snow in such a way with what can seem like winter magic being captured in an instant.

Source: Snowscape

Source: Ice River

Source: Sleeping Trees in Snow

The Frozen

As the leaves fall, they find their resting place on the ground to be covered and to sleep with the roots. As the fruit blooms, it may find the frost before it finds itself eaten. Flowers stand tall and elegant but are just as vulnerable to the winter when the cold comes.

Source: Frozen Leaf

Source: Frozen Cherries

Source: Frozen Rose

The Streets

Winter wonderlands come in different scenes, and in the streets is where the most natural of winter scenes can be found. Walking through the park or sitting on a bench may not be easy when covered in snow, but the beauty of ice can still be breathtaking.

Source: Seats of Snow

Source: City Seats

Source: Snow in the City

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  1. Photos of nature and the seasons, to elevate the human spirit. moralize spiritual & love. In these paintings makes a romantic metaphysical depth.

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