40 (More) Beautiful Pictures of Pakistan (Happy independence Day)

Pakistan’s independence day (also known as Yom-e-Azaadi) is celebrated on 14 August, a very special day for all Pakistanis. The day is celebrated all over the country with flag raising ceremonies, tributes to the national heroes and fireworks taking place in capital, Islamabad.

Pakistan came into being on 14th August according to English calender while according to Islamic calender, it was 27th of Ramadan when Allah blessed Muslims with the pious homeland. 27th Ramadan has religious importance as the revelation of Holy Quran on Holy Prophet {P.B.U.H.} finished this month.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah also known as Quaid-e-Azam is the real founder of Pakistan. Allama Iqbal, who excited Muslims to earn their own nationality and name in the world. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, who brought Muslim nation forward and made schools and colleges for Muslims so that they may come to know how to fulfill the latest demands of the advance age. The names of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan are always written in golden words in the history of Pakistan.

We must celebrate 14th August and should celebrate it by thanking to Allah by going to Masjid’s instead of celebrating this day in music parties. We should celebrate this day by brightening our hearts with the light of the teachings of Islam. It is not an important fact whether we lighten homes or not with lights. Its time to be practical and show our love towards our dear homeland by doing something which may bring Pakistan on the road of success without waiting for anyone who may join us.

To make this special day more special, I collected 40 amazing and beautiful pictures of Pakistan for your inspiration. Lets take a quick trip of Pakistan through these beautiful pictures.

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Photos of Pakistan

Pakistan Monument by mayum

Pakistan, Lahore, Badshai Mosque by Emilio Navarino

Pakistan, Swat Valley, Kalam by Emilio Navarino

Pakistan Monument, Islamabad by bukhaari

Pakistan portrait | Beautifull boy | Green eyes by galibert olivier

Pakistan – Chitral by SherazMalik

Pakistan – Chitral by SherazMalik

Pakistan, Lahore, Sheesh Mahal of Lahore fort by Emilio Navarino

Pakistan First [ Explored ] by Kash_if

Pakistan 1973 by KlausKommoss

Pakistan, Swat Valley, prayer along the river by Emilio Navarino

Pakistan Monument, Islamabad by s_sohaib

Pakistan by aliiftikhar

PAKISTAN by BoazImages

Minar-e-Pakistan by Tahir Iqbal

Pakistan Army-Men At Their Best by Merry Rebel Photography

The Gaze @ Lake View Point Islamabad

Pakistan Monument – II

UniS Lake Side View

Pakistan! by Stephen Dowling

Pakistan Faisal Masjid by al.madinah

Pakistan – colossal K2 expedition by K2Rulez

NCA Lahore by Farhan Raza

Faisal Masjid at Night by Farhan Raza

Pakistan Series # 17 ( Mohatta Palace, Karachi)

Pakistan by Framed Sky

Pakistan Railway by Aliraza Khatri

Pakistan Zindabad by osaid-

PAKISTAN: Photo of the Week by UNICEF Pakistan

PAKISTAN: Photo of the Week by UNICEF Pakistan

Pakistan Punjab: Tonga! by Sir Cam

Pakistan: Badshahi Masjid by Sir Cam

Pakistan: Rohtas Fort by Sir Cam

Minar-e-Pakistan by M K@MRAN

Pakistan Railway Heritage by Faisal.Saeed

Pakistan Defence Day by Jahangir @

Pakistan,s beautiful Lake Saiful Maluke Kaghan. byghazighulamraza

Pakistan-India Wagah/Attari Border-Flag Closing Ceremony by Syed Sibt-e-Hassan

Islamabad Pakistan – sunset by Riz97

independence day Pakistan 2 by choudryarif by choudry arif

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