Animal Portrait Photography (15 Pictures)

The animal portraits is an ongoing project of Morten Koldby, that will eventually become a coffee table book of some sort. Morten is an advertising photographer based in Aarhus, denmark & Berlin, Germany. He do mostly branding, corporate identity, lifestyle and a little fashion & food photography for work. He started out doing these as a weekend project of 4 images and it took of from there.

The theme in the pictures is the almost human facial expressions of the animals, some look nervous, some arrogant, attentive and so on. To see more of his photography work, don’t forget to visit his Behance profile.

Portrait of Animals

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2 Responses

  1. A.Barlow says:

    These are fantastic. I recently did a set similar – not as good IMO I like this style more – But similar non-the-less. You can check them out on my blog at

    I really like the lighting. I wonder if these were done in a studio

  2. Dan Solo says:

    Amazing intensity in those eyes. Beautiful images. Can’t wait to see the book

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