Cute and Funny Characters in Antwerp Student Guide

Tim Van den Broeck has recently had the opportunity to design and illustrate the new Antwerp student guide. He has filled it to the brim with cute and funny characters, having all kinds of adventures in the wonderful city of Antwerp, Belgium.

The guide is written by students for students, but it can be interesting to anyone who’s looking to visit Antwerp. It’s 128 pages long, exists in Dutch and English and contains a whole bunch of trendy addresses and useful information that will help you find your way around. At the end you will find a map, guiding you to all the places featured in the guide: beautiful parks, cosy squares, cool places to eat and drink, fun things to do and so on…

Oh, and it’s free… The nice folks at ‘Huis van de Student’ will provide you with your own brand new and shiny copy. Just make sure you give them a big thank you and say how much you like Antwerp.

Funny Characters

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