Incredibly Creative Pencil Drawings vs Photography

Today we are listing incredibly creative and amazing pencil drawings vs photography work of Ben Heine from Belgian, who is a painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer. Ben Heine was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and currently live and work in Brussels. He studied graphic arts and sculpture and also have a degree in journalism.

All the creations you see below come from his own production. His project title is “Pencil vs Camera“, which is also called as “Drawing vs Photography” or “Imagination vs Reality“. He has been taking photos and drawing since almost 10 years. This “Pencil Vs Camera” series is nothing but the result of several years of graphic exploration and a logic consequence of his artistic evolution.

Drawing vs Photography

Pencil Vs Camera - 40

Pencil Vs Camera - 36

Pencil Vs Camera - 44

2 - Pencil vs Camera for Art Official Concept

1 - Pencil Vs Camera for Art Official Concept

3 - Pencil vs Camera for Art official concept

Pencil Vs Camera - 41

Pencil Vs Camera - 30

Pencil Vs Camera - 46

Pencil Vs Camera - 4

Pencil Vs Camera for "BBC Breakfast"

Pencil Vs Camera - 19

Pencil Vs Camera - 35

Pencil Vs Camera - 50

Pencil Vs Camera - 7

Pencil Vs Camera - 12

Pencil Vs Camera - 6

Pencil Vs Camera - 34

Pencil Vs Camera - 9

Pencil Vs Camera - 37

Pencil Vs Camera - 47

Pencil Vs Camera - 16

Pencil Vs Camera - 48

Pencil Vs Camera - 32

Pencil Vs Camera - 49

Pencil Vs Camera - 17

Pencil Vs Camera - 24

Pencil Vs Camera - 39

Pencil Vs Camera - 33

Pencil Vs Camera - 21

Pencil Vs Camera - 25

Pencil Vs Camera - 29

Pencil Vs Camera - 18

Pencil Vs Camera - 11

Pencil Vs Camera - 1

Pencil Vs Camera - 5

Pencil Vs Camera - 14

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45 Responses

  1. This is an amazing example of creative pencil drawing and also photography too! Since I was a child I always used to prefer pencil drawing instead of color pencil drawing! I didn’t know why but that actually used to happen with me!

  2. I love it and I have seen a lot of art. Photoshop or not (I DO NOT believe they were Photoshop) they are fantastic combination of drawings and real photographs. Look, alot of so called artists use photos solely as there drawing and then act as a pure copying machine. This artist used some creativity to add somethings to the photographs that were not there orginally. Great job.

  3. jessie hart says:

    wow that was so cool im gonna try this lol i love them!!!!!!!

  4. rangerjoe says:


  5. Voodoo Chile says:

    Anyone else notice the shadows in the “Half-Real” car? Can someone explain that? WTF does the real car look like to make those shadows, i’m tripping out…

  6. MARISA112 says:

    so COOL

  7. Lilangelnicky says:

    This is brilliant, I took my time looking at each one, they’re so well done, I really like them.

  8. Maria says:

    Of course they are photoshopped, they wouldn’t be able to line them up so perfectly otherwise. These are still amazing though, it takes serious talent to do this kind of stuff.

  9. :)Nita says:

     🙂 seriously one of the most creative and awesome form of art ever. Love it!

  10. Mothernomad says:

    Love them. Great idea and creative assortment of environments. Well done.

  11. catherine says:

    those are amazing seriously props to the person who did that im going to try to do it!:)

  12. Anonymous says:

    I really like this type of art! 🙂 Creative and beautiful


  14. Tviolentfemme says:


  15. Nik says:

    They’re for sure shooped. Notice that the lines sort of disappear towards the point of the drawing where you can see the photographers fingers. That’s not to say that they aren’t real drawings… They could have taken a picture of a blank piece of paper, drawn the scene later, then photoshopped it in.

    • Samantha Desari says:

      I disagree. The lines stop around the edges of the paper, most likely to keep alive the torn look. It several of the images you can see a slight shadow where the artist’s thumb bent the piece of paper slightly. I don’t believe the images are “shooped” in any way.

    • jess1903 says:

      regardless, it takes a talent for the drawings and the photography, and placement , you can tell with a lot of them that the are not photoshopped and even if they are it doesnt take away from the visual experience, so go find someone else to dump on, why do you have to belittle someone just for the sake of it?

  16. randy says:

    i think the guys zipper is open in the one picture lol. still probably the coolest thing ive ever seen

  17. Tiedyehippopotamus says:

    photoshop or not it’s super amazing 🙂 <3

  18. Lo says:

    I LOVED this series. So creative, I’m so impressed and shocked more people do not know about this!!!

  19. Jackass98wk says:

    i lovd da super mario picture 🙂 keep up da gud work

  20. Timhann says:


  21. Leinadodelot says:

    Nice 🙂

  22. Cammy says:


  23. Raven says:

    Oh my gosh, this is amazing!!! You have quite a talent! :O Why don’t more people know about this?! <3

  24. Rajesh Srk Kannan says:

    nice pics.. great work

  25. Rbare36 says:

    People are haters because they are not artistic themselves. Or maybe just inadequate in other ways. I’m a horrible artist myself but i stumbled upon this and think its really awesome. The one with the photographer in the field is my favorite. Don’t listen to the shmucks because they are after all just shmucks.

  26. jane says:

    You are very imaginative. I enjoyed each one thank you for sharing.

  27. YelloMello12 says:

    how can this be photoshop if the sketches appear to have great creativity and detail?

  28. You get over it. says:

    I’m glad you’ve seen them so many times. This is the first time I have. nobody forced you to scroll all the way down to th bottom of the page now, did they?

  29. betterthanyoumate says:

    i hate these. delete photoshop from your computer and see what happens. maybe use your imagination in other ways, actually go out and sketch with a real pencil? im apalled at the amount of people who like this stuff.

    • get_over_ur_self says:

      These are good because they’re imaginative, it would have been loads better if he did it with real pencil work, but that still takes skill to do on the computer.

  30. Donna says:


  31. Deepika says:

    Beautiful visualization and detailing done while sketching:-) I wonder how much time Ben spent on sketching each one. Would love to see if there were any intermediate sketches.

  32. Very Nice! I never in my life saw art like that. How is your art done like that? Kept on drawing like that. I Loves it!

  33. i dont like the presence of the artists hand in the image, i would rather see more of artist, or see the pictures mounted in a float frame for a complete illusion.

  34. Niko says:

    These are all done after taking the photo of him holding the paper. No one is capable of sketching that quickly with such details as shading and still maintaining the image they wanted…

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