Smokey the Bear: Historic Print Ads

Smokey Bear also known as Smokey the bear is a mascot of the ‘United States Forest Service‘ created to educate the people about the dangers of forest fires. Many creative advertisements were created with slogan “Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires”. The message later changed to “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires”.

In this post, we are showcasing Smokey’s historic print ads for everyone. Smokey Bear message is very well recognized by U.S people. There are many people inside & outside U.S who still need to hear and learn about Smokey Bear and his forest fire prevention message. Hope these are the best adverts to remind you of the need to prevent forest fires.

Smokey Matches

Smokey the Bear, Matches

Babes In The Woods

Smokey the Bear, Babes In The Woods

Be Careful With Fire

Smokey the Bear, Be Careful With Fire

Be My Guest

Smokey the Bear, Be My Guest

Smokey Is Counting On You

Smokey the Bear, Counting On You

Glass Jar

Smokey the Bear, Glass Jar

Smokey Only You

Smokey the Bear, Only You

Shameful Waste

Smokey the Bear, Shameful Waste

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  1. I remember seeing a large Smokey the Bear banner when I was a kid. Smokey does teach some good lessons about fire prevention. Printing and spreading those fire safety ads is a good thing as it promotes eco-friendliness and an utmost care to the environment. Speaking of which, it’s been a while since I saw these old Smokey ads.

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