Showcase of Purple Web Designs

Colors can evoke emotional responses and relate to cultural symbolism. Someone from the Eastern hemisphere may see purple and relate it to wealth. Whereas, someone from the Western hemisphere, may look at that exact color and see it as royal or powerful. Purple can generally symbolize creativity or evoke feelings of nostalgia, power, and even romance. However, many think that it brings on feelings of mystery and mysticism or suffering and mourning. Here are some bold web designs that have taken the color to new heights.

Purple Websites

1. The Silver Empire

2. Pasarea De Foc

3. Silver Pistol

4. Tanq

5. Full Fat Studios

6. Flow Academy

7. Mystic

8. Simplicity

9. Shout Digital

10. Lamoscope

11. Newism

12. Synergia

13. Nocturn

14. Futura Vision

15. Kaleidoscope

16. Appear

17. Conway Anderson

18. Forte

19. Klar

20. Shape Shifter

Colors not only evoke emotional responses, but can bring out symbolism based on cultural references. A web designer can be sure that a color will be viewed in as many ways as there are people of differing cultures looking at it. So, look, keep your perceptions of the extraordinary color purple open, and enjoy these sites!

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