HTML5 Websites: 10 Flash Killing Examples

Animations can help make a website much more attractive and interactive. As the technology is progressing, animations too evolved to a great extent. Websites with a balanced level of animation are successful in attracting more visitors than other websites.

By now hopefully everyone is aware about HTML5. With each passing day we are seeing new developments in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. In this post we showcased 10 flash killing examples of HTML5 websites. HTML5 has always been a subject of attraction. It adds many new features including the video, audio, and canvas elements. The most interesting thing about fifth generation Hyper Text Mark-up Language is that the animations require no external plugins like Adobe Flash, which enables page downloaded in very shot time and the page responding speed goes up greatly. We hope you will like the collection. Enjoy!

1) Ctrl+Paper

html5 websites

2) The Amazing Spider-Man

html5 websites
The Amazing Spider-Man

3) The Expressive Web

html5 websites
The Expressive Web

4) Har Du Det I Deg

html5 websites
Har Du Det I Deg

5) Beer camp

html5 websites
Beer camp

6) Angry Birds Space

html5 websites
Angry Birds Space

7) Nike Air Jordan

html5 websites
Nike Air Jordan

8) Believe In

html5 websites
Believe In

9) Atanai

html5 websites

10) Intact 10 Years

html5 websites
Intact 10 Years

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4 Responses

  1. Prashant says:

    Superb COllection. Each site being “A Must visit” :)0

  2. Prashant says:

    Superb COllection. Each site being “A Must visit” :)0

  3. Lons says:

    flash killing? sure…

  4. Rachel Booth says:

    Nice collection!

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