Stunning Storm Photography by Franz Schumacher

Photography is a subject which is always full of stories and emotions. Perseverance and obstinacy is behind many good pictures. Being at right place and at the right time, pulling the trigger can get you best photos.

Franz Schumacher is a professional photographer from Germany who’s interest is painting, drawing  and photography. In this post we showcased few stunning storm photos from his portfolio. He uses mostly the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and various lenses from Canon to take the photos. His inspiration is more from landscape and nature. We hope you will like his storm pictures below. Enjoy!

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Lightning and Storm Photography

storm photography 1

storm photography 2

storm photography 3

storm photography 4

storm photography 5

storm photography 6

storm photography 7

storm photography 8

storm photography 9

storm photography 10

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  1. Yeah, only a professional photographer can capture emotions and sentiments in his photographs. And these pics are amazing and has different stories in it.

  2. Arjun says:


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