Amazing Pictures of Kazakhstan – Natural Beauty of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, officially the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a country in Central Asia and Europe. The ninth largest country in the world by land area, with amazingly different geography and no shortage of places to visit for a tourist. Kazakhstan is equivalent to the size of Western Europe.

Kazakhstan is neighbored clockwise from the north by Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and also borders on a significant part of the Caspian Sea. The national characteristic of the Kazakh people is hospitality. Stemming from the country’s longstanding nomadic culture, strangers are treated as honored guests in Kazakhstan homes.

Almaty, in the east of Kazakhstan, is the country’s largest city and commercial capital. It’s the most beautiful and charming side of Kazakhstan. Famours sports in the country are Boxing, Equestrian, Bandy, Judo and Weightlifting.

Kazakhstan is an exciting photographing destination for photographers and this post we bring you amazing pictures of Kazakhstan, the natural beauty of Kazakhstan. If you have some great Kazakhstan images and stories behind them to share, you can do it in the comments below.

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Beauty of Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan – primarily the steppe region. However, the south-east of the country is bordered by the mountain systems of Tien Shan, known for its stunning beauty of scenery.


Valley Mountain, Kazakhstan

Valley mountain river on the border with Kyrgyzstan.

Valley Mountain

Lake Kulsay

Beautiful lake Kulsay surrounded with greenery and mountains.

Lake Kulsay

Cute Dog

Cute dog, who lives in the mountainous border post.

Cute Dog

Trans-Hi Ala-Tau

The most northern mountain range of Tien Shan. It is the northernmost mountain range of Tian Shan stretching for about 350 km with maximal elevation of 4,973m (Talgar Peak). The lake is glacial, which can cause a devastating mudslide. Very near the bottom of the Alma-Ata.

Trans-Hi Ala-Tau

Altyn-Emel National Park Kazakhstan

Altyn-Emel National Park is a national park in Kazakhstan. It was created in 1996. The park covers about 4600 square kilometers between the Ili River and the Ak-Tau mountain range, near Lake Kapchagai, and consists mostly of desert and rocky terrain. The park contains the singing sand, a large dune which is famous for the noises it produces.

Altyn-Emel National Park

Kazakhstan Beauty

There are some places on earth and this is one of them.

Kazakhstan Beauty

Landscape Photography

Freaking awesome landscape photo. Wondering if that water tunnel is natural or it’s digged for purposed?

Landscape Photography

Amazing Photo of Mountains

Beautiful landscape photography. Very well captured with perfect angle.

Amazing Beauty

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