29 Examples of One Point Perspective Black and White Photography

Two of my favorite types of photography are Black and White photography and one point perspective photography. So I have decided to combine the two for this post. One point perspective is defined as a straight on view with only one vanishing point, hence the term one point perspective. Parallel lines converge on one point in the distance known as the vanishing point. Here is a collection of 29 examples of one point perspective images that display that same principle in black and white.

One Point Perspective

Alone in One Point Perspective Black and White Photography

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7 Responses

  1. Julio Cesar Pereira says:

    I think place where the 25th picture exemple was taken is the Washington D.C. subway. The exit to one the stations has a huge scalator I took a picture of and could be another good example of a one point perspective shot.

  2. Mo_yr1 says:

    thanks a lot

  3. Ms. J says:

    I really enjoyed the images.  But what is definitely great about these images is that they have contrast which allows my students to fully see and comprehend 1 point perspective. Thanks SDW! Keep up with all that you do!

  4. seema khera says:

    29 examples mst be important of me thanks

  5. Andy says:

    Great shots. I love the image of the little old lady. I would love to know where that was shot, what a great location.

    • Thanks Andy for your comment. You can click on image and see if the location is mentioned there. If not than we really have no idea what location it is, as we just feature photographs here of different photographers for you guys inspiration.

  6. Badini says:

    great selection! thanks

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