Infrared Winter Wonderland

In this post we showcased awesome infrared winter wonderland photos by Maria Netsounski. She’s a portrait, landscape and city photographer with an eye for the beauty of our world. Maria travels the world, capturing breathtaking photographs of landscapes filled with promise.

Thoughts turn to the beauty of ice and snow when winter approaches. Winter photography can bring you great ideas and inspiration. Winter is the perfect time for photography. The changes in weather from one season to the next often create something stunning and natural to behold

In the following series titled IR, Maria using infrared technology and distorts the colors in a beautiful way. You can see shades of yellow and green are muted in these photos, while keeping a strong blue tone.  What’s left is outstanding blend of icy whites and blues. The result is a fairy tale-like winter wonderland. For more inspiration, don’t forget to visit her website here.

Infrared Pictures

infrared winter wonderland 1

infrared winter wonderland 02

infrared winter wonderland 03

infrared winter wonderland 04

infrared winter wonderland 05

infrared winter wonderland 06

infrared winter wonderland 07

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