Ice Saves Crystals within Like a Moment in Time

Ice. Simply water that has been frozen. But ice can be much more complicated than a two word definition. Ice has covered continents and been included as an age for the planet. Ice carves valleys through the earth and has been thought to hold life on other planets.

Ice is full of life and a photograph can show the fire and action within the drops that have frozen into abstract shapes.

Life in a Single Drop

Temperatures drop and water falls into solid form. Down a branch or a leaf and the bubbles inside form a design as life splays out from the inside.

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Life seems to build on itself from the inside as the design continues throughout. A drop from the top down creates almost a skyscraper of mini fractures with cubbies and pockets of iced forms.

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Crystals are created that shine and shape like diamonds, forming ridges like tiny valleys. Almost as a pouch being saved from a falling death, the ball of ice stays frozen, clinging to the leaf.

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Multiple Drops of Life

Multiply the life seen in one form and the differences can offer a colony of life. Strings of ice, fallen streams of water that are now permanently, temporarily hanging for their life.



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As a special touch, colors added to the frozen smoothness of ice can form a new, almost fantasy side of ice. The blue brings out the polished surface of a more calm life within the frozen water.

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Photographers are able to create life with a camera even thought it seems the ice can create the life on its own.

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