25 Examples of Architectural Photography That is Looking Up

This is a collection of great architectural photographs that were taken of the structures looking towards the sky. I think that this technique makes some great images.  It really shows the great lines of some of these buildings and skyscrapers. These photographers were able to get some interesting perspectives of some equally interesting buildings.

We hope you will like the these architecture photos. Don’t forget to share these amazing photographs with your friends.

01 La Tour Eiffel II

02 Pittsburgh 013

03 Pittsburgh 014

04 Pittsburgh cloudScaping

05 The New York Times

06 Into the sky

07 New York City’s Future

08 The city sleeps I

09 Le Marquee de Radio City

10 Memmories of Chicago

11 Chicago

12 Chicago

13 Chicago

14 Jacksonville HDR

15 Skyscraper

16 L.A. Skyscrapers

17 Skyscraper New York

18 Skyscraper

19 Skyscrapers and fog

20 Frankfurt skyscraper

21 Skyscrapers in New York, April 2009

22 Skyscraper in HDR

23 The twin skyscraper Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

24 The twin skyscraper Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

25 skyscraper 2

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